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As with many babies, our son, Logan, transitioned from being swaddled nightly to sleeping in a sleep sack. It was the best thing ever invented…until he learned to crawl at six months. Our little guy was very vocal of his dislike with having his legs tangled in the sack, so we looked at other options. Blankets didn’t work because he’d just kick them off. Bundling with extra layers tend to get too warm.  Thus, our dilemma began.

After speaking with other parents within our circle, we came to the conclusion that we weren’t alone with this pain point of our kids outgrowing their sleep sack. It was from this need shared by many that my wife and I decided to create BellyCozy. The premise of BellyCozy is to create a product that we would be thrilled to use on our very own child. If we achieve this objective, we believe everyone else would feel the same about using it for theirs.

Product Design and Development (The BellyCozy Team)

We are not your typical mom and pop inventors. I’ve been creating products for over a decade for some of the most recognized brands in the world. Knowing that BellyCozy would be used by our precious babies, we wanted to do this right and spared no expense. 

Design Process

BellyCozy needed to be modern, yet cute, but also very simple. Sounds easy, but it’s not. After months of scouting far and wide for the right designer, we met an incredibly talented designer by the name of Karen Kaoru Iwata. Her amazing portfolio of children centric designs met all the characteristics we’ve been seeking. And to learn that she previously worked as an au pair, we knew she would identify with the BellyCozy concept.

After weeks of intense work and prototyping, Karen created Lazy Lion, Snoozy Fox, and Dreamy Panda. Her Japanese background had a strong influence on the results of her work. Karen’s creative expression of cozy, gentle, dreaming animals is masterfully achieved through simple shapes and lines, particularly with the consistent theme of “sleeping eyes.” Clever surprise details such as tails on the back of the wrap are playful and fun. Her choice of colors are youthful, yet sophisticated.

She is certainly mama bear to these characters.

Lazy Lion
Original sketch of Lazy Lion
Snoozy Fox
Original sketch of Snoozy Fox
Dreamy Panda
Original sketch of Dreamy Panda
Final Sketch
Refined drawings and final colors

Development Process

With designs and prototypes in place, we needed to develop BellyCozy for manufacturability. After reviewing hundreds of cut and sew experts, we met Megan Cooper. Having spent many years working for renowned brands such as Gap Kids, Gymboree, Gap, and Banana Republic, we needed Megan’s expertise to ensure we created a product that was safe for babies, durable for daily use, and made of the very best materials. 

Over the course of several months, Megan and team created multiple prototypes directly with the factory, taking great care to see that Karen’s artistic vision was not lost in translation of paper to reality. As a team, we evaluated many materials, and ultimately decided on Bamboo Cotton for its incredible softness and excellent breathable properties, offering the ability to stay warm in the winter yet cool in the summer.

Mission Accomplished

And today, we are so proud to offer you BellyCozy. It was an idea sparked through love for our child, designed with characters that capture the imagination of children, and developed with the level of detail and care you expect for your baby.

We thank you for your support of BellyCozy and we hope you love it as much as we do.


Kevin Ngo


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