What materials is BellyCozy made of?

  • We believe parents desire and appreciate high quality products for their little ones.  Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to develop what we believe to the be the most luxurious belly blanket available today 🙂 
    – Fabric: Made of Bamboo Cotton (70% viscose made from bamboo, 30% cotton)
- Lining: 100% Polyester

What are the care instructions?

  • BellyCozy can be machine washed.  We recommend you secure the velcro prior to washing to prevent snagging other items in the washing machine. Once washed, line dry BellyCozy and warm iron if necessary.

What specific tests have been performed to ensure product safety?

  • To ensure we all sleep sound at night knowing that our little ones are safe using BellyCozy, we took it upon ourselves to test BellyCozy beyond what is required. We’ve performed and met all CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) regulations for baby products:

    1. Tested to ensure acceptability for fabric to be in contact with skin or placed in the mouth (per DIN53160 test method)
    2. Tested to ensure materials meet a neutral PH level between 6 to 8 (per AATCC 81 test method)
    3. Tested to ensure no formaldehyde detected in materials (per BV C1007 test method)
    4. Tested to ensure no lead detected (to 60 parts per million) in materials (per CPSIA regulation)
    5. Tested to ensure materials do not have sharp points unsuitable for children under 8 years old (per 16CFR 1500 49 test method)


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